Leegan softwares is an IT consulting and Software development company. We have built customized software applications for our clients. We also have our own product range that stretches across a variety of verticals like Education, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and many more. Since, the recent times Leegan softwares has also entered into the mobile and tablet application market.

  • Design

    We are involved in the design stage of the software. We have qualified and experienced usability experts who can design the customized version of software for our clients. We have got experts with over 20 years experience in the IT consulting field. We undertake projects for designing the software.

  • Development

    We have a dedicated team which ensures a smooth project cycle for our clients. Requirement gathering, software designing, coding and testing, all the four stages of the project life-cycle are taken care of.

    Areas of expertise
    MS .Net (VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net), VB, VFP, Foxpro
    Java, JSP, C, C++
    Databases: MSSQL, MS Access, MySQL, Postgres

    .Net, Oops, UML, COM, OLE, ODBC

  • Customization

    We have developed customized software applications for a large number of clients across verticals ranging from education, manufacturing, industry, automobile and many more. Leegan has a rich experience in software customization helping you achieve your unique business goals. We offer the following services at competitive rates

    1. Software product feature enhancement
    2. Performance enhancements
    3. Industry specific customization
    4. Country specific UI customization
    5. Industry standard enhancements