This product has been developed keeping in mind a collaboration between all the stakeholders involved in an educational institution viz Students, Teachers, Principal, Management , Administration Staff and Parents. After performing a research on the pros and cons of the current manual administration system, we realized that, because of the several layers of communication involved in the system, there is a miscommunication of important details leading to significant inefficiency. Our aim with EdVU is, to eliminate this miscommunication and to achieve this aim we have provided an independent access to all the necessary details for each stakeholder because of which, inter-dependency is reduced and accountability is justified.

Feature List

  • Articulated Model - EdVU is an articulated school management software which takes all its stakeholders into consideration viz. Schools Administration,Teachers,Students,Parents and Principal
  • Tablet/Mobile usability - EdVU can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go.
  • Easy to use interface - Usability experts with vast industry experience have put their efforts in building EdVU, resulting in an extremely easy to understand and use software.
  • Customized according to your needs - We understand that every school/college has got different needs. We ensure end-customer satisfaction with highly customized softwares if needed.
  • High Modularity - Every stakeholder has been provided with his/her own login credentials using which they can access their accounts from anywhere and complete their tasks. This provides a clear and confusion free work environment where dependability is reduced and accountability is increased.
  • Flexible pricing - We have got an extremely flexible pricing structure.Contact us to know more.
  • Amazing support - Usually it does not come down to this. But just in case it does, rest assured that all your queries will be solved within 3-5 hours.

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